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Our Philadelphia Eagles will be defending their Super Bowl opportunity against the Minnesota Vikings in the next chapter of a storybook season.  Whatever the book title you want to give it “From Good to Great, Next Man Up, We’re All We Got – We’re All We Need, the chapters are still being written game by game. Against the odds of enormous key injuries and the unbelieving of so many so-called NFL experts, the Philadelphia Eagles keep finding a way to win. When your offense, defense, and special teams lose their most impactful key players, people stepped up their doubts. Most doubts started at the beginning of the season when Owner Jeffrey Lurie went back to basics with his reorganization of leaders that started with starting with Howie Roseman. The next doubt then focused on 2nd year head coach Doug Pederson of whether he could guide their 2nd year franchise quarterback, make game time adjustments and keep a team together.

Say what you want about our Eagles coach Doug Peterson, he has his team where they should be. Because of so many injuries to key veterans, Doug Peterson has the young guys stepping up and playing very well. While so-called NFL reporting experts came out and said that “Doug Peterson is not a worthy candidate of being a head coach” his coaches and players have been proving the naysayers wrong all season. Our Eagles have won more games this year with more key player losses than any other team in the league. Doug Pederson halftime adjustments has been very good all season. One of his most notable adjustments came when it counted the most in Eagles playoff win versus the Falcons. You can believe what you want but believe me that Doug Pederson should be the NFL coach of the year.


While our Philadelphia Eagles may not have reached their Greatness yet, they have positively taken ownership of Doug Pederson (and the coaching staff) “Next Man Up” mentality. When you lose multiple Pro-Bowlers and All-Pro players on both sides of the ball, many of the young players have “Stepped in and Stepped Up” beyond what so many people in the national media could’ve ever believed. While the Eagles were still winning games after their All Pro QB Carson Wentz (who should be the NFL MVP) went down, the media disrespect really took onto a higher level. Actually, that was kind of okay because it unraveled the deeper inner core belief of what our Eagles team mentality is now of “We’re All We Got – We’re All We Need”. Yes, it’s the new version of “It’s us against the world” 

The Philadelphia Eagles team couldn’t have picked a better theme. This theme is something that the core group Eagles fans can and will identify with. This theme is the other part of our Philadelphia “Rocky – UnderDog” mindset. If you’re a true 4 for 4 Philly fan, you know what I’m talking about. You had to have witness it the last time our Phillies, Sixers and Flyers made their championship runs. The euphoric fandemonium was felt not only throughout the city but in many other cities around the country. Philadelphia might be known as the city of Brotherly Love until competitive sports come into play. When competition happens, we shift to the “Rocky and UnderDog” mentality. Yo Eagles, you got this! Hey Eagles, the true fans that show up at home and to your road games got your back. Great and special times are ahead for this organization and the fans for many years to come.

You don’t have to believe me because our Philadelphia Eagles believe that “We All We Got – We All We Need”. This is not just a saying, it’s our Eagles new way of life

Let’s Go EAGLES … #PhillyDilly!

Bruce Jacobs (Contributor)
Note: Videos from Philadelphia Eagles via Twitter


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