Philadelphia Eagles Chip Kelly Era Starts Now

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Philadelphia Eagles fans are some of the most intelligent fans you will ever meet that’s driven by real true passion.  If you don’t believe me just ask a few people like Ike Resse, Charles Barkley, people on the WIP Morning Show or even Chip Kelly. Ok maybe I went too far about asking Chip Kelly because he hasn’t said much since last year until this week. Almost 3 to 4 months of silence and he finally speaks this week. Now some will say Chip may had to speak a little earlier than he planned because of the outpouring of fan reactions on media outlets such as Twitter, FaceBook, WIP Sports talk radio and others. Some people will say that he finally spoke only because there’s enough to finally speak about. Either way, Chip has spoken loud and clear with his actions first. I Love it all and I know my local Shoprite and wellness company loves me more.

So What’s not to love:  

1.       The fact that it’s been decades since winning a football championship

2.       Going 10-6 the last two and still Not winning a playoff game in how many years now?

3.       The lack of communication for months from any Eagle management

4.       Letting star productive players like Jackson, Maclin, Trent Cole, McCoy, Foles and others go.

Remember that Eaglesnation fans are passionate, intelligent and very supportive not just in Philadelphia but all over this country.  Turn on any Eagles game and there’s GREEN all over the stadium bellying out E-A-G-L-E-S! Our fans take over the radio airwaves 24/7 spilling out their every point. One point that I used to hear from a few fans and radio host was “Maybe we should just blow it up” after McNabb left. Well I hope I never hear that again especially since what we’re going through with our Sixers, Phillies and Flyers. Hate it or Love it, Chip Kelly has blown up our Eagles core group of some of the most beloved  and most productive pro bowl players in Eagles history. Calling these past 10 days or so a roller coaster ride may still be an understatement. My wife have seen my eyes on the TV, with headphones tuned to my favorite radio station with chips, pretzels, muffins (and whatever else) all day long. Hollywood  couldn’t script this any better.  

A daytime TV show called “As The World Turns” has nothing on “ChipTrip”, “ChipAdelphia” or whatever else you want to call this! What I do know is this: There are many people that cover Philly sports that are never speechless. One particular person reaction to some of the recent Philadelphia Eagles news was as priceless as they come. You really had to been there but if you can watch the expression on Ray Didinger face when they broke the news about Nick Foles. Hey Ray you might have to add a new chapter and Re-release your latest all ready best seller “New Eagles Encyclopedia” book. All I can say to our Philly fans is let Chip do his thing. When the dust settles and we still haven’t made steps in getting into and winning the Super Bowl in the next 2 – 3 years then we can get him.

I love the players that just left our team but i’m sorry to say as productive as they were (Individually),  our team still haven’t won a playoff game lately. I think Chip Kelly tried winning by implementing as much of his system with whatever players he was dealt with during his first two years. In two years nothing change and still at 10-6. Now you have to bring in team players that are willing to execute your system. It’s not about Chip Kelly “Putting His Staple on it” but more so about getting players that understand, able and willing to execute his system. We all know that part of Chip Kelly system calls for Sports science. That’s a whole other blog but there’s more to it than just sleeping. When you follow the proper sport science protocols that’s fueled with the proper sports nutrition, the results can and should be very helpful as long as you don’t take shortcuts. So when I hear people say that the Eagles defense is tired at the end of the game, I say then make the play and get off the field.  Cary Williams ” We’re not as strong but the older Trent Cole says ” Uh,  I’m Good”. .. enough said.

One last thought do come to mind when we start talking about how many college coaches are successful in the NFL. Most eventually are not but it’s not 100% impossible. Will Jimmie Johnson be the only coach to do so. Even though the NFL free agency is still ongoing the NFL Draft is coming. You’re on The Clock Chip so let’s Go Get’er Done Baby!

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