Chipadelphia Starts Now

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Let the Chip Kelly era of Philadelphia begin. I've heard people like Sonny Hill from WIP say that its hard to judge Chip Kelly until he gets into his 3rd draft. This will allow him to get his type of players on his type of team. While I do agree with that, unfortunately the first 2 years he had players that did not fit from another era others making picks for him. Yes while he may have had some say into what picks, who picks and who sticks … people like Howie Roseman and others stood in the way.

Initially  on a 5 year deal and starting his 3rd year, Chip Kelly is now getting his players to fit his idea of how to win in the NFL. As you well know that there are some key players from Chips original roster that are not here now. There were some key players that has been added too. This is not a wait and see anymore. Chip Kelly is playing for the first time in the NFL with a roster that he's 100% responsible for.

As once said by one of my favorite Eagles ball player mr. T.O… "Get your Popcorn Ready! Atlanta Flacons, you're up first and in Chip Kelly Philadelphia Eagles way.

Oh well I gotta go. I think my wings on the grill need some attention and it's almost game time.

Bruce Jacobs


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